Stores of Adoption

The Alderfer Family

We watched many friends and fellow church members go down the road of adoption, and the Lord was opening our eyes and our hearts to the need. We had three biological children and after the addition of our third one, we finally had peace the time was right to start the journey.

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The Bishop Family

Our adoption story began about 10 years ago when we began considering it, but one of the catalyzing points for our family was a trip that Andy was able to lead to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

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The Estep Family

Here we stand, two months later and through the generosity of believers like you, we are one step closer to our dream. And I have absolutely no doubt God will see us through. 

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The Felton Family

Our adoption journey began a few years ago when God burdened our hearts for adoption.  Having friends who had gone through the process of adoption and taking a closer look at the biblical examples of adoption we became convicted that we too should step out and adopt.

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The Forde Family

We began the home study process in May 2016 and after completing all of our paperwork, we have been matched with a gorgeous two year old boy. He is waiting for us in China and we can’t wait to travel to bring him home this May.

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The Grachen Family

As I was getting closer to Jesus he pointed me in the direction of International Adoption. Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
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The Graf Family

Our adoption story is a little unconventional. Our third child, Maxwell, was born in South Korea, but we knew he was meant to be ours, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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Nadzam Family

I was born on April 24, 1970 and was adopted in infancy by my parents, Arlene and Andrew Nadzam. They brought me home from the hospital at 4 days old.  They were just getting used to parenting infants, since they had begun the adoption of my brother, Mike, just 4 months earlier!
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The Origel Family

In 2009, I thought that I would be a single mother for the rest of my life. Little did I know, God had a greater plan in store to redeem my story and my family legacy.
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Reichart Family

Niki and I will be celebrating fourteen years of marriage this June. We had conversations about adoption before we were ever married and knew that we wanted adoption to be part of our family story. The question for us was not if we would adopt but more how or when we would adopt.

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The Ticich Family

We ran into a colleague of Jeff’s in the airport in London and happily told him where we had been and how we had met the children. His reaction was… “Children? Three children?
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The Wright Family

Often times we are asked why we decided to adopt.  While this question presents the opportunity to discuss our lives and faith in great detail, we typically respond quite simply by saying “we were called to.”
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Stories of Adoption

Adoption is a powerful step to take.  It not only saves the children in need of a home, it raises an entire family to a new level of love and caring.  Take the time to enjoy just some of the stories around the power of adoption.

Want to help? While 33% of Americans have considered adoption, only 2% have actually adopted. The cost of adoption, which can be as high as $50,000, is a prohibitive factor to many families. In fact, some of the leading adoption funding agencies in the U.S. are turning away up to 50% of all family applicants, as the demand for assistance far outweighs the financial resources to assist.

How can your financial gift help the cause?

Your financial donation has the power to make a tremendous impact on the life of a waiting orphan and a loving family. 100% of your financial gift goes directly towards funding a family adoption. All donations to Gregory’s Gift are managed through our fund managers at Lifesong for Orphans (501.c3), who review family applications and make recommendations to Gregory’s Gift. Final recommendations are submitted back to the fund-managers for contract development with the adoptive family.

One Child - One Gift - One Family

Follow Gregory’s Gift throughout the year to meet the wonderful families your gift helped to unite. We plan to share the many adoption stories from the families that received funding… thanks to your generous gift. It is amazing to see how ONE Child, through the generous giving of ONE Gift, can be united in love with ONE Family!

Applying for Adoption Assistance @ Gregory's Gift

if your interested in applying for funding through Gregory's Gift, or know someone who would be, please download and complete our Adoption Assistance application.  Once completed, send the completed application and supporting materials to the address provided by Lifesong for Orphans (found on the application).

Please contact us by email should you have any questions pertaining to the application or subsequent processes.