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Gregory's Gala 2017

Help us build on the incredible success of our inaugural event by registering now for Gregory’s Gala 2017! On April 2nd, over 250 people will gather for a Black and White Masquerade at Pittsburgh's Omni William Penn -- an unforgettable night of food, fun, inspiration, and fundraising. The money raised during our 2016 event has already helped 14 adoptive families, and new opportunities to help others in our region are coming up every day. Will you join us?

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Kickin' 4 Kidz

Kickin’ 4 Kidz was established in 2012 as the first fundraising activity to begin building Gregory’s Gift Adoption Fund. The event was a 4 hour benefit soccer clinic where kids (K-8th grade) put their feet into action to help adoptive families overcome financial hurdles associated with adopting a child. Guest coaches and players from the Riverhounds professional soccer team provided a mixture of soccer skill instruction and fun competitive challenges under the light of the Avonworth soccer field. The inaugural event raised $10,000 to benefit the Adoption Fund!

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Applying for Adoption Assistance @ Gregory's Gift

if your interested in applying for funding through Gregory's Gift, or know someone who would be, please download and complete our Adoption Assistance application.  Once completed, send the completed application and supporting materials to the address provided by Lifesong for Orphans (found on the application).

Please contact us by email should you have any questions pertaining to the application or subsequent processes.


Gregory’s 2016 Gala was a huge success and we are so proud to share the results with you. The Gala had 180 attendees for the evening, raising over $50,000 for our fund to support adoptive families. 100% of the contributions raised have gone directly into the fund. Gregory’s Gift has had the privilege to come alongside 13 families in financial support of their pending adoptions as of October 2016 (only 5 months past the Gala!). Because of your generous support, children are facing the reality of a loving home to call their own uniting into ONE FAMILY all because of ONE GIFT. This incredible journey is only possible because of your support, so from all of us at Gregory’s Gift we say THANK YOU. We could not have done it without your support and all you have done this year to open the doors for children in need of a loving family.

Gregory’s Gift is an organization run by a dedicated team of families whose heart’s desire is to help bring waiting orphans into the homes of loving families. Our mission does not end here, the momentum gained from our 2016 Gala has been overwhelming (in a good way) and we intend to keep growing to support children in need. Gregory’s Gift will be hosting another 2017 Gala and we would love to have you return as a supporter. Over the next month you will begin to see updates on our website, Facebook page, and e-mail distribution list for our plans in 2017.

Thank you again for all you have done. Be on the look-out for our next event!

Donate To Gregory's Gift

Financial assistance to adoptive families occurs through the provision of interest-free loans and matching grants, managed by one of the nation’s premier adoption advocates, Lifesong for Orphans (501c3).

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What is Gregory’s Gift?

Gregory’s Gift in an organization started by a dedicated team of families whose hearts’ desire is to help bring waiting orphans into the homes of loving families. Our mission is to increase the feasibility of adoption for willing families through the development of financial partnerships which will assist in overcoming the financial hurdles encountered during adoption. Financial assistance to adoptive families occurs through the provision of interest-free loans and matching grants, managed by one of the nation’s premier adoption advocates, Lifesong for Orphans (501c3). It is also our hope that through outreach efforts, every individual realizes their capacity to make a difference in the life of an orphan… we all can help bring ONE CHILD, using ONE GIFT, into ONE FAMILY!


In total, our fundraising efforts over the past two events have raised over $60,000, which has allowed our organization to: 1) successfully assist 13 family’s in funding (Matching Grants) portions of their domestic and international adoptions (14 children), and 2) provide financial assistance to international partners in the Ukraine to build safe housing units for older teens who have aged out of the adoption process.


As funding organizations continue to be overwhelmed by thousands of adoptive family’s requests for financial assistance, the nation’s most successful funding organizations, like Show Hope, are having to turn away close to 50% of the families. Resources are simply not great enough to meet the tremendous demand.

In response to this growing shortfall, Gregory’s Gift has set its sights on becoming a significant source of funding for adoptive families in Pittsburgh.  In fact, Gregory’s Gift has extended its reach to include families from across all of PA, and into portions of NY, OH, and WV.  As such, our vision is to raise $100,000 this year in order to support the amazing number of families in need of financial assistance.  With your help, and the help of a city known to “take care of its own”, we are confident we can reach our financial goal, allowing Pittsburgh to serve as a hub for adoption support.

The Alderfer Family

We watched many friends and fellow church members go down the road of adoption, and the Lord was opening our eyes and our hearts to the need. We had three biological children and after the addition of our third one, we finally had peace the time was right to start the journey.

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The Bishop Family

Our adoption story began about 10 years ago when we began considering it, but one of the catalyzing points for our family was a trip that Andy was able to lead to Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

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The Estep Family

Here we stand, two months later and through the generosity of believers like you, we are one step closer to our dream. And I have absolutely no doubt God will see us through. 

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The Felton Family

Our adoption journey began a few years ago when God burdened our hearts for adoption.  Having friends who had gone through the process of adoption and taking a closer look at the biblical examples of adoption we became convicted that we too should step out and adopt.

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The Forde Family

We began the home study process in May 2016 and after completing all of our paperwork, we have been matched with a gorgeous two year old boy. He is waiting for us in China and we can’t wait to travel to bring him home this May.

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The Grachen Family

As I was getting closer to Jesus he pointed me in the direction of International Adoption. Psalm 37:4 says “Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.”
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The Graf Family

Our adoption story is a little unconventional. Our third child, Maxwell, was born in South Korea, but we knew he was meant to be ours, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
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Nadzam Family

I was born on April 24, 1970 and was adopted in infancy by my parents, Arlene and Andrew Nadzam. They brought me home from the hospital at 4 days old.  They were just getting used to parenting infants, since they had begun the adoption of my brother, Mike, just 4 months earlier!
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The Origel Family

In 2009, I thought that I would be a single mother for the rest of my life. Little did I know, God had a greater plan in store to redeem my story and my family legacy.
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Reichart Family

Niki and I will be celebrating fourteen years of marriage this June. We had conversations about adoption before we were ever married and knew that we wanted adoption to be part of our family story. The question for us was not if we would adopt but more how or when we would adopt.

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The Ticich Family

We ran into a colleague of Jeff’s in the airport in London and happily told him where we had been and how we had met the children. His reaction was… “Children? Three children?
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The Wright Family

Often times we are asked why we decided to adopt.  While this question presents the opportunity to discuss our lives and faith in great detail, we typically respond quite simply by saying “we were called to.”
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